Basic Christian Teachings

72 messages of 15 min each starting from ground-zero. This series of audio messages by Zac Poonen is on foundational Christian truths. To listen to a topic/read the transcript, click on the topic title. Each message is in the MP3 format.

1.  The Origin Of Evil
2.  God Makes Evil Work For Good
3.  The Power Of Choice
4.  Sin Comes From Unbelief
5.  The Function Of The Conscience
6.  Why Christ Had To Die
7.  Repentance
8.  Faith
9.  The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
10. God’s Word Is Our Food
11. God’s Word Helps Us Overcome Satan
12. God’s Word Renews Our Mind
13. Religiosity And Spirituality
14. Maximum Or Minimum For The Lord
15. A Son Or A Servant
16. Keeping The Tenth Commandment
17. Dead Works
18. More On Dead Works
19. Some More On Dead Works
20. Still More On Dead Works
21. Law And Grace
22. One Reason For Failure
23. Another Reason For Failure
24. More Reasons For Failure
25. Faith And Praise
26. Crucifixion And Praise
27. Praise Drives Satan Out
28. The New Song Of Praise
29. Praise Brings Deliverance
30. Praise Opens Closed Doors
31. God’s Purpose For Man
32.  Humility In Jesus’ Coming To Earth
33. Humility In Jesus’ Earthly Life
34. Humility In Jesus’ Death
35. Jesus Overcame Sin
36. Jesus Did God’s Will
37. Jesus Valued All People
38. Jesus Valued People More Than Things
39. Jesus Was Unpopular
40. Jesus Obeyed The Father
41. Jesus’ Speech Was Always Loving
42. Jesus’ Love Is Seen In His Dying
43. Finding Security In God As A Father
44. God Can Give You Wisdom
45. God And Money Are Opposites
46. The Love Of Money Is Evil
47. Give Back What Belongs To Others
48. Giving Everything To God
49. God Binds Husband And Wife Together
50. Responsibilities Of Husband And Wife
51. Bringing Up Godly Children
52. Responsibilities Of Parents And Children
53. Not Praying As Hypocrites Do
54. Not Praying With Meaningless Repetition
55. Praying Putting God First
56. Praying About God’s Interests
57. Praying For Our Material Needs
58. Praying For Our Spiritual Needs
59. Hypocrisy
60. Pride
61. Selfishness
62. Hatred
63. Unbelief
64. Unforgiveness And Bitterness
65. Lying
66. Don’t Believe Satan’s Lies
67. Anger
68. Proving God’s Perfect Will(1)
69. Proving God’s Perfect Will(2)
70. Proving God’s Perfect Will(3)
71. Submission To Authority
72. God’s Plan For Those Who Have Failed

Zac Poonen was formerly an Indian Naval Officer who has been serving the Lord in India for the past 40 years as a Bible-teacher and elder having responsibility for a number of churches. Like the other elders in CFC, Zac Poonen also supports himself and his family through “tent-making” and does not receive any salary for his services. More information: Christian Fellowship Centre.

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